Personal Injury Defense

Reed McClure defends personal injury lawsuits brought against individuals and businesses. We have the skills and knowledge to develop the liability and damage defenses to these claims. We defend personal drivers and commercial drivers and we understand the unique aspects of defending UM and UIM claims.

Attorneys in this practice area: Earle BravoMarilee Erickson, Julia Nordlinger, Christopher Nye, Jack Rankin, David Reeve, Michael Rogers, Suzanna Shaub, and Jason Vacha.

Representative Cases
  • We defended a driver in a rear-end motor vehicle accident case where it appeared that the plaintiff caused additional damage to her car after the accident.  In an admitted liability case, the jury awarded the plaintiff significantly less than her medical expenses.
  • We successfully represented a UM carrier in a case where, despite a three-year gap in treatment, plaintiff claimed ongoing injuries. The jury agreed with our evidence and awarded plaintiff a small fraction of the damages sought.
  • In a liquor liability lawsuit, we represented a tavern owner after a patron, who had been at the tavern that evening, rear-ended a car at approximately 60 miles an hour.  He was later found to have a blood alcohol reading of almost three times the legal limit.  We developed credible evidence that the defendant’s drinking occurred after he left the tavern and favorably resolved the case.
  • A three-year-old child fell from a 4th floor window, suffering massive brain injuries.  Plaintiff claimed the bedroom window was unsafe and easily opened by a small child.  The defendants claimed the child was not being supervised. We successfully represented the apartment building developer and favorably resolved the case for significantly less than plaintiff’s demand.

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