Medical Malpractice


For over 30 years, Reed McClure attorneys have defended a wide variety of healthcare providers against medical malpractice claims. We also represent physicians, hospitals, and other medical providers in staffing and privileging issues.

Attorneys in this practice area: Christopher Nye and Jack Rankin.

Representative Cases
  • We represented an optometrist who screened and approved the plaintiff for laser eye surgery. The surgery was conducted by another doctor and did not repair the plaintiff’s vision as expected. The plaintiff sued a variety of health care professionals including our client. The case proceeded to trial and was settled for a minimal amount before the jury returned a verdict.
  • We defended a physician’s assistant against a claim by a patient who suffered a burn during surgery. The surgeon and nurses claimed the burn was caused by our client’s mishandling of a surgical instrument. Discovery and testing of exemplar instruments revealed that the most likely cause was improper sterilizing procedures performed by other hospital staff.
  • We represented a hospital that terminated a physician’s staff privileges. The physician sued claiming discrimination and violation of due process. After extensive investigation and discovery, we demonstrated the claims were groundless because the hospital had good cause to terminate privileges. The court dismissed the physician’s lawsuit.

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