Construction Litigation

Reed McClure attorneys represent individuals and companies in the design professions and construction industry. We are thoroughly familiar with the practices unique to contractors and the terms of art used by architects and engineers.

Reed McClure has extensive experience representing architects, engineers, and contractors in resolving disputes through negotiation, arbitration, or litigation. These disputes often involve claims due to delays, damages, change orders, or differing site conditions. We handle litigation matters involving a variety of construction projects including roads, bridges, schools, hospitals, jails, office buildings, resorts, condominium and other residential projects, stadiums, and wastewater plants. Litigation matters also include defending work site injury claims.

Attorneys in this practice area: Earle BravoChristopher Nye, Jack Rankin, David Reeve, Suzanna Shaub, and Jason Vacha.

Representative Cases
    • We represented the operator in the Bellevue crane collapse case that resulted in a wrongful death claim and millions of dollars of property damage and business loss.
    • A Seattle condominium developer sued various contractors and engineers, including a soils engineering and environmental firm, for “dirty dirt.” Years before, diesel oil had allegedly spilled at the property. An environmental review did not reveal soil contamination. The condo developer sought $1.2 million in cleanup costs; only $34,000 was actually awarded at trial.
    • Reed McClure defended a general contractor on a historical building renovation. During demolition, a brick wall collapsed. Two of the subcontractor’s employees were seriously injured. They sued the general contractor, architect, structural engineer, and building owner.
    • A subcontractor’s employee was seriously injured at a Vancouver, Washington, job site. The subcontractor’s insurance policy listed the general contractor as an additional insured. The carrier asserted that it was not required to defend or indemnify the general contractor under Oregon law. Reed McClure obtained a judgment obligating the insurer to defend and indemnify the general contractor.
  • We defended a general contractor in a complex construction defect claim involving a large multifamily condominium housing project in downtown Bellevue. Reed McClure initially provided defense of the general contractor against the developer, and after an assignment of claims, defended the claims against the homeowners. We then successfully pursued “downstream” third-party claims against various sub trades both in indemnity and as tenders of defense under additional insurance obligations.

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